Mobile phones
The GSM network is short range but can be used in all major towns and villages but not in the interior. If you own a mobile phone you can check with your service provider if you can use your phone here.  For more information check out Siminn or Vodafone. Check the rates before using your mobile here because the international roaming rates for mobiles is often just crazy! If you plan to use your mobile the best option may be to get a prepaid icelandic SIM card.

The internet
There are some internet cafés in Reykjavik but usually the easiest access to computers around the countryside may be in libraries.  Your internet service providers may give you webaccess to your mail but if not you can get a free internet mail address through hotmail, gmail, yahoo etc. and keep in touch with friends and family.

Note that the first weekend in August is the Icelandic "Bank holiday" when everybody get the Monday off and there is heavy traffic on most roads, especially Route 1.

Before the tunnel under Hvalfjörður opened up there used to be a ferry from Reykajvík harbour to Akranes and it may still be on old maps. This used to be the easiest way out of Reykjavík escaping the heavy traffic on the surrounding roads. For the summer of 2017 a new ferry service is planned so check out that option. Cycling is not allowed in the tunnel which is 5.7km of which 3.75km is under the sea going 165 meters down. The good news is that the traffic in beautiful Hvalfjörður is down by 60-90% for the 60km stretch making it a pleasant ride. In all other road tunnels cycling is allowed. Not all of them have lights so that's another reason to have your bike fitted with front and rear lights and make sure they are not blocked by luggage.

We update this guide regularly and add links both on this page and the links page to more information available on the web as I find it and we also add new photo galleries regularly so bookmark the main page and check again soon. We would love to hear from you if you have been to Iceland it would be great to hear your story, see if you agree with our guide and maybe add a link to your web pages if you have already published your travelogue or put up a photo gallery from Iceland.

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