Iceland has a well organized network of buses that you can use to save time or add flexibility to your planning, check out BSI Travel, Vatnsmyrarvegur 10, 101 Reykjavik. Tel. +354 562 1011. 

For more detaild information on public transport in Iceland check out the Cycling Iceland map in the menu.

Taking a bus makes it possible for you to go further in a limited time rather than having to cycle back.

The buses usually take bicycles (not too many if you are travelling in a group) for a small additional charge.

Most hotels will gladly store your bicycle box for you if you stay with them a night or two. New boxes are usually easy to get at one of the bikeshops we list in the menu.

There are also luggage lockers available in at least six locations in Reykjavík. The maximum storagetime is between 4-30 days. More information at

Íslenski fjallahjólaklúbburinn,
Brekkustíg 2,
101 Reykjavík. 


Kt. 600691-1399
Banki: 515-26-600691