Visiting rules of Icelandic nature.
We would like to remind everyone traveling around Iceland that littering is strictly forbidden and if you travel in the interior highlands you must bring everything back or throw it in garbage bins at the campsites. Please help us keep our country tidy! Because of the short summers waste may take decades to decay and erosion may expose gabage your try to bury.

If an accident occurs one should contact the next police station immediately. The emergency telephone number is 112.
S.V.F.I. (The national life-saving association of Iceland) runs emergency-shelters all around the country. These shelters are only for emergencies. Unnecessary use of these shelters is strictly forbidden and the food there is only for real emergencies. They often have guest books that you are welcome to sign and write when you stopped by and were you are headed, this can be helpful if someone has to be tracked down.

General information
You can find general information at these websites:,,,, to name just a few. is also operated by the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue.

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