The tourist brochures will tell you that visiting Iceland will be "a classic adventure tour where each day and almost every bend in the track brings exiting new vistas - glaciers to volcanoes, pastures to desert highlands, waterfalls, lakes brimming with bird life, and bubbling mud pools. Enough adventure to suit a modern day Ulysses!".

Well, it's mostly true and we believe the best way to get to know Iceland is to tour around the country on a bicycle. Free from the constrains of a car or bus, in close contact with nature and the elements. Free to choose your own pace, breathe the fresh air, enjoy the detail, sounds and fragrances you're sure to miss in a car.

Iceland is unique in many ways, here you will encounter conditions that are probably quite different from what you are used to and we would like to assist you in planning your cycling trip to Iceland with the advice we have collected here based on our experience.

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