This map is produced by Hjólafærni á Íslandi and contains a list of bicycle services around Iceland on one side including all the major roads with an indication of how much traffic you can expect on the roads and other details of interest.

cyclinga iceland map 2017


The line map on the other side shows the various public transport options in Iceland, summer 2014. The colours and numbers of the lines refer to the different bus systems, operators and local connections in the country. More at

You can download the PDF-version (5 mb) here: Cycling Iceland map summer 2016 front side.

You can download the PDF-version (8 mb) here: Cycling Iceland map summer 2016 back side.

You can download the PDF-version Main cycling route in the capital area 2016 (1,6 mb) here: Main cycling route in the capital area 2016

Download the Campsites in Iceland 2016 bochure here: Campsites PDF

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cyclinga iceland map

The 2017 map is also available at

The Icelandic mountainbike club is a proud member of Icelandic Cyclists' Federation organizations as are all the most active cycling clubs in Iceland like The Cycling Club of Reykjavik ( HFR) and Hjólamenn.

The Icelandic Cyclists' Federation was established in 1995 as an umbrella organisation for touring, commuting and sports cyclists  in cooperation with a national body for non-competitive sports (Íþróttir fyrir alla), under the Icelandic Sports Association. The official name is Landssamtök hjólreiðamanna (in Icelandic), abbreviated LHM.

LHM promotes cycling as a sustainable and healthy means of transportation and recreation, a competitive sport and a family-friendly non-competitive sports activity.

LHM represents the interests of all cyclists in Iceland at the local and national level.
LHM is a member of the European Cyclists' Federation.



Member clubs:

Íslenski Fjallahjólaklúbburinn ÍFHK - ( ) established 1989

Hjólreiðafélag Reykjavíkur HFR ( ) - is a club for sports-cyclists, first established (1924). HFR have regular training sessions all year. They arrange several competitions, both on tarmac and on gravel/off-road. HFR members have competed internationally, like in the small nations championships. HFR was instrumental in the establishment of the Cycling committee of the National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland and oversee national championships.

Hjólamenn, established January 2005.
Hjólamenn ( / )  is a club for sports-cyclists, established in 2005. They have regular training sessions all year. They arrange several competitions, both on tarmac and on gravel/off-road. Members have competed internationally, like in the small nations championships. Hjolamenn have a representative in the Cycling committee of the National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland.

Hjólafærni á Íslandi
They run many different projects individually and in copoeration with others. Website:

Sports competitions

At you can see a list of most competition in the cycling sport.

If you are planning an adventurous cycling trip, Iceland is unique in many ways.  It's safe to travel here and you will find Icelanders very helpful and friendly. It's easy to plan your own trip but we also list a few companies that specialize in guided bike tours.

We do not sell or organize trips but here we have gathered extensive information for the independent cyclist touring Iceland.  If you come well prepared, with good quality clothes and gear you are more likely to thoroughly enjoy cycling in Iceland. We are a non-profit cycling club and all work is done by volunteers.

If you have general questions on Iceland check out the Tourist board or some of the service providers linked on our pages.

If you are planning a cycling trip here and after reading our advice you still have cycling related questions we are glad to try to help. You can send us an e-mail with you question on cycling related things, please keep it simple and send it to Darren at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will try to help. (Make sure the subject is Cycling in Iceland to get through the spam filters.)

And those of you we have given advice, do let us know how your trip went. We love hearing about your trips, what you found the highlights, what route you chose and if you encountered trouble we would like to learn from them.

If you have photos or travelstories online we would love to share them here, both with icelandic cyclists and those planning to come to Iceland.

Bike rentals and guided bike tours

There are several bike rentals and companies offering guided tours in Reykjavik and around the island. Here are some of them:


The bike company

Specializing in mountain biking adventures, Bike Company is a licensed travel agency in Iceland. The staff is a group of great people, experts in the field of mountaineering and biking. Our philosophy is simple; we strive to give our guests the opportunity to enjoy the best of Iceland during a safe, fun-filled adventure. 


Check out their website for further details:



Borgarhjol was established in 1983,  They offer fully equipped quality bikes in both male and female versions and various frame sizes.


Check out their


Hike and Bike

Hike and Bike offers quality hiking- and mountainbiking tours in the region of Myvatn. Lake Myvatn and the surrounding area is one of the most beautiful area of Iceland. Hike and Bike offers both half-day and full-day tours with passionate leaders, tours that suit people of all levels.

Check out their website:


Icebike andventures

Icebike andventures offers a totally different experience: "We are not a travel agency running huge trips all year round. We are running a small private business and we can only offer our services during August only because we hold an immense respect for protecting the land and soil, and because we want you to have the best possible biking conditions. We consider this to be very important and that makes our trips very exclusive. "

"All routes are AM allmountain, not xc. There is a lot of hike and bike with plenty of fun on the way down. Recommended bike; 4-7 inch suspension, 15kg or less. These trips are not intended for persons with beginner bike skills. All participants should have some allmountain experience."


Icebike andventures

Check out their website:  


Iceland Activities

Tours and bike rental

From their website: Iceland Activities:

If you like to bike, hike or surf, look no further!  By selecting our tours, you are guaranteed to get quality tours for the lowest price.
Iceland Activities is a family company that has extensive experience, over 20 years, of the surrounding area of Hveragerði. Our goal is to take you out of the main tourist areas and into Icelands unique nature and show you all the remarkable things that make Iceland so amazing. We offer various tours ranging from two hours up to a day trip, many of our tours are also available in the evening sun. Iceland Activities is located in Hveragerði, the Icelandic capital of hot springs. Hveragerði is 45 km east of the capital Reykjavík (30 minutes drive).



Iceland Bike

Iceland Bike offers a personal eco-friendly bicycle tour of Reykjavik to first-time visitors to the city. No visit to Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland, is complete without meeting a knowledgeable local person – who brings the places to life!

A visit to Reykjavik is incomplete without travelling along the city’s coastline by bike. We won’t just show you the essential must-sees and the breath-taking sights of Iceland’s capital; We tell you the stories that bring these places to life! 

Iceland bike

Check out their website: Iceland Bike


Kria Cycles / / Trails in Iceland

The guys at Kria Cycles have been offering bike tours and also hire bikes of various types.

Check out these websites: and Trails in Iceland


MiM = Made in Mountains

"Tailor made trips. We can and will join you in almost any tailor made trip you can think of. Between our superhero Emil, which has explored most of Iceland’s trails on a bike and Þorlákur (Láki) which has hiked most glaciers in Iceland, sailed rivers in all parts of the country on a kayak anything is possible.

Specializing in cycling we’ll take you and your travel buddies on single or multi day adventures, tailor made for you."

Check out their website:


Mountain Biking Tours in Iceland with Nature Explorer

If your interest is mt. biking, Iceland has a lot to offer; great diversity in scenery, secluded roads and fun mountain tracks that provide different challenges and a lot of fun.

We are a small company and so are our groups. That's the way we like it; smaller groups, bigger adventure. It's more personal and therefore more fun for our guides and our clients. We design bike tours for groups. 

 nature explorer nature explorer


Check out their website:


Opus Adventures

From their website:

"Our philosophy is simple and we aim at giving our guests the opportunity to enjoy the best of Iceland in a safe, fun (and stomach) filled adventure holiday that is in perfect balance with the environment. "



VIKing Bike Rental

VIKing Bike Rental helps tourists to spend their holidays in an active way by discovering South of Iceland by bike. We help you to find the most convenient routes to visit wonders of nature in the vicinity of Vík.


VIKing Bike Rental


West Tours' bike rental

There are many options in Ísafjörður and surroundings for biking. You can bike along the main roads that goes to three different directions out of the town or ride along some of the old roads and muddy mountain roads. It is also a good idea to combine biking and hiking in the mountains.

West Tours have few mountain-bikes for renting out to travellers.

The West Tours Staff is more than happy to help renters to organize a biking tour in the area.

west tours

Check out their website:

Mobile phones
The GSM network is short range but can be used in all major towns and villages but not in the interior. If you own a mobile phone you can check with your service provider if you can use your phone here.  For more information check out Siminn or Vodafone. Check the rates before using your mobile here because the international roaming rates for mobiles is often just crazy! If you plan to use your mobile the best option may be to get a prepaid icelandic SIM card.

The internet
There are some internet cafés in Reykjavik but usually the easiest access to computers around the countryside may be in libraries.  Your internet service providers may give you webaccess to your mail but if not you can get a free internet mail address through hotmail, gmail, yahoo etc. and keep in touch with friends and family.

Note that the first weekend in August is the Icelandic "Bank holiday" when everybody get the Monday off and there is heavy traffic on most roads, especially Route 1.

Before the tunnel under Hvalfjörður opened up there used to be a ferry from Reykajvík harbour to Akranes and it may still be on old maps. This used to be the easiest way out of Reykjavík escaping the heavy traffic on the surrounding roads. For the summer of 2017 a new ferry service is planned so check out that option. Cycling is not allowed in the tunnel which is 5.7km of which 3.75km is under the sea going 165 meters down. The good news is that the traffic in beautiful Hvalfjörður is down by 60-90% for the 60km stretch making it a pleasant ride. In all other road tunnels cycling is allowed. Not all of them have lights so that's another reason to have your bike fitted with front and rear lights and make sure they are not blocked by luggage.

We update this guide regularly and add links both on this page and the links page to more information available on the web as I find it and we also add new photo galleries regularly so bookmark the main page and check again soon. We would love to hear from you if you have been to Iceland it would be great to hear your story, see if you agree with our guide and maybe add a link to your web pages if you have already published your travelogue or put up a photo gallery from Iceland.

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